Improving I-65
in Southeast Indy

The nearly 5-mile project corridor stretches from north of the I-465 interchange to just north of Fletcher Avenue. The INDOT project is expected to reduce congestion and improve safety in the area.

I-65 Safety and Efficiency is expected to include added capacity primarily using the existing shoulder, the widening of three bridges, the replacement of one bridge, pavement patching and resurfacing and improvements to multiple drainage structures. No changes are planned in vehicular access to on and off ramps.


The I-65 Safety and Efficiency project is expected to include the following:

Improving Efficiency and Safety through Innovation

The Project Team is also exploring innovative strategies to improve safety and traffic flow along the corridor. These are known as Transportation Systems Management and Operations (TSMO) strategies. They could include dynamic travel lanes, variable speed limits and other strategies.

Click here to learn more about TSMO from the Federal Highway Administration.

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Corridor Map

improvements Map

What's Happening Now

The project is in the environmental analysis and design stage, with the Project Team gathering information, developing solutions and designing construction plans.

Activities include traffic analysis, maintenance of traffic plans, road design and survey work. I-65 Safety and Efficiency will include added capacity, a bridge replacement, bridge rehabilitation and widening, bridge overlays, pavement replacement and more.

The public and stakeholders will be informed throughout the process with a chance to share their questions and feedback. Touchpoints include a project website, social media channels, project e-mails and text alerts, stakeholder meetings, public meetings and a public hearing that will be followed by a public comment period.

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